The Flaw in the Law of Attraction

The Secret and other self-help programs based on the Law of Attraction say that quantum physics proves that we can "attract" or "manifest" whatever we want in our lives. All we have to do is decide what we want, act as if we already had it, and be happy and grateful for it. We live in a wonderful universe in which just about anything we can imagine is possible. Yes, you can go from rags to riches, from sadness to joy, and can have just about anything you want. Yes, you can “manifest” all this. The Law of Attraction is very real. But does it work?

Countless millions of people have put these claims to the test and the results are in: If the Law of Attraction worked then every one of those people should be financially free, in loving relationships, and living the lives they always dreamed about. The reality is that people who try to use the Law of Attraction are not any more likely to be rich or happy than people who don't. The Law of Attraction does not work. The same science that proves the reality of the Law of Attraction also proves that this law is both very subtle and very limited.

The good news is that you really do have the power to change your life anytime you want. You already use this power all the time whether you know it or not. Everything in your life is a complete success because there is no such thing as failure. The only question is whether the success you experience is the success you want. If not, that means that you need to learn how to use your power more effectively. This is the crucial ingredient that many self-help programs miss.

Anyone can go from rags to riches, from sadness to joy, and have just about anything they want but they won't get there by "attracting" or "manifesting." This book shows you how to use your innate power to make what you want not only possible but likely.

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The Flaw in the Law of Attraction
Through the Looking Glass

One of the key things you need to understand about how our universe works is that just about everything is possible and that just about nothing is impossible. That said, some things are far more likely to happen than other things. Thus, if you want something--anything--that you don't already have, then all you need to do is take whatever action is necessary to increase your odds of getting what you want. It's that simple.

This book explores the science behind The Flaw in the Law of Attraction: Why It's Not Working... and What to DO About It to more fully explain why the Law of Attraction cannot work for any practical purpose. Along the way, you will learn some amazing facts about the marvelous universe we live in.

Imagine a science fiction novel in which:

- Reality is granular. There are such things as a shortest possible time and a smallest possible mass, and where energy increases or decreases in jumps instead of along a smooth curve.

- The inhabitants cannot ever know all there is to know. The more they know about some things, the less they can know about others.

- Matter and energy are interchangeable and routinely transmute into each other.

- Matter can “jump” from any location to any other location in an instant.

- The sum total of energy (and therefore matter) is zero.

- Solid matter can behave as either a solid or as a wave of energy.

- It may be impossible to create or destroy information.

Take a deep breath... and step Through The Looking Glass!

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Through The Looking Glass
The Enlightened Savage

What if your failures aren't really failures? What if your entire life as you know it is being guided by mental programming built into our brains over millions of years of evolution?

In this groundbreaking book, Anthony Hernandez reveals how our primordial survival instincts are still driving our emotions, thoughts, and actions. Most of life's frustrations, tribulations, trials, and setbacks are a byproduct of successfully following our subconscious internal beliefs to the letter. This means that there is no such thing as failure.

If you don't have all of the success and abundance you want in life, chances are this isn't because something is wrong with you. On the contrary, everything you see as "failure" could be happening because your brain is functioning exactly as designed.

The key to unlocking your life's potential is as simple as learning how your inner programming works and how to make it work for you. Do that and you will know what it means to be an Enlightened Savage.

This book combines the story of human evolution with several spiritual principles in accordance with the author's belief that the theory of evolution does not conflict in any way with the certainty of creation.

Combining anthropology, business, psychology, religion, and common sense, this guide helps readers learn to trust their instincts--their heart, not their head--and use their instincts to the best advantage.

"Anyone who recognizes the value of increasing their self-awareness to increase their success must read this book."

- Caterina Rando, MA, MCC

"Anthony has created an intelligent and immensely practical journey into our possibilities."

- Paul Clark, Director of Coaching, Conversations With God.

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The Enlightened Savage
The Natural Savage

On the surface, life seems incredibly complex. Billions of people across many thousands of cultures go about a tremendous array of professions and pastimes.

Customs across cultures are so different as to be almost unrecognizable. People of different ethnicities, nationalities, faiths, and even our neighbors can sometimes seem like aliens from a completely different planet.

All too often, these perceived differences become the basis for conflict ranging from intolerance to outright warfare that could still mean the end of the human species.

Distilling all human life down to its lowest common denominator reveals that the perceived differences are all illusions. Every person's life centers around the same six core functions: predator avoidance, group status, food, shelter, reproduction, and death.

Looking at how the human animal and our evolutionary cousins and ancestors carry out these functions exposes human nature with all of its achievements and limitations.

This book follows up on The Enlightened Savage by delving into the science behind the success techniques contained in that book. Future "Savage" titles will explore each of the six core functions in even more detail.

“Anyone who wants to know where we come from and how ancient instincts are guiding everything we do must read The Natural Savage." - Caterina Rando, MA, MCC

More than providing pat answers, this book is an invitation to reflect, to be inquisitive, and to ask questions." - John Bilorusky, PhD

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The Natural Savage
The Divine Savage

Death: The one thing every living thing must eventually confront.

This is one of the core life functions over which we have almost no control beyond perhaps being able to postpone the inevitable through healthy living and modern medicine.

Death is essential to make room for new life. We are recycled stardust, and our atoms will go on to nourish other living creatures and be put to many other uses throughout the cosmos. In that sense we are immortal... but what about our egos, that which makes each of us a "me"?

Do we survive physical death? This book examines many sources of evidence, including mysticism, religion, philosophy, paranormality, physics, cosmology, and neurology to arrive at a startling conclusion that will both affirm and challenge your beliefs about what happen s when we die. As you will learn, those who say that this lifetime is all we get and that everything "fades to black" when we die are correct in many ways... as are those who claim that we do in fact survive physical death and continue on.

You will learn how these and other seemingly opposing views are all correct in their own way... and how they coalesce into a logically coherent and self-explanatory vision of a Universe that is truly miraculous in both form and function.

“An ambitious—dare I say epic—work encompassing deep examinations of all our social constructs, starting with the world's religions and moving on from there to such areas as neuroscience and quantum physics.” - Shel Horowitz, award-winning author

“The Divine Savage awakens our souls and minds to limitless possibilities of the human spirit.” - Kathi Papaleo

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The Divine Savage